Spokane Aviation Scholarship Fund

The Spokane Chapter of the Washington Pilots Association maintains the Spokane Aviation Scholarship Foundation, a 501c3 “charitable” organization.  Your donations are tax deductible. 


The purpose of the foundation is to financially assist people seeking careers in aviation.  This includes those seeking professional pilot training, mechanics, avionics technicians and more. 


In March of 2021 the foundation awarded four, $2,000 scholarships.  Award winners are listed below with a brief bio.


Mike Scalera, Peter Mcevoy,  Tom Bryant,  Dave Lucke, Charlie Goldbach, Roger Bertsch,  Tom Morris, Jeannie Monroe,  Addison Pemberton, Bob Larson, Jeff Hamilton, Larry Krauter.


Pierce Hubbard is 21 and a student at Central Washington University in the School of Aviation.  Pierce passed his commercial check ride last December.  In December of 2019 he was accepted into the Horizon Air pilot development program.

Pierce plans to use the $2,000 from the Spokane Aviation Scholarship Foundation to get his multi-engine rating at Couer D'Alene Aviation.

Pierce is now on a defined path for a career in aviation.

Alexandra Nickerson is 26 and attended On Track Academy and Spokane Falls Community College in Spokane.

She volunteers at the Civil Air Patrol and has a Private Pilot Certificate.  She plans to use the scholarship funds to obtain an instrument rating and Commercial Pilots License at Couer D'Alene Aviation.


Joseph Kary is 21 and attends Moody Aviation.  He is an accomplished A&P mechanic and currently taking flight instruction.

Joseph has a lot of experience working on vehicles but decided there are better career opportunities in aviation.

Short term plans are to complete flight training and pursue a career in in aviation.  After that, maybe mission work.  But whatever it is it will include flying and working on airplanes.

Joseph plans to use the $2,000 in scholarship money to further those goals at Moody Aviation.


Morgan is 17 and will graduate from North Central High School this spring.  He has been accepted to Big Bend Community College for their flight program.

Morgan has logged several hours of flight time and dual instruction from Tom Morris, CFI and retired Delta Captain.

Morgan plans to use the scholarship money to help with tuition at BBCC.

Plans are to pursue a career as a commercial pilot.

Morgan Leighty.jpg

As you can tell from each bio, these are quality awardees and your donations are truly appreciated!