The Spokane Chapter of the Washington Pilots Association maintains the Spokane Aviation Scholarship Foundation, a 501c3 “charitable” organization.  Your donations are tax deductible. 


The purpose of the foundation is to financially assist people seeking careers in aviation.  This includes those seeking professional pilot training, mechanics, avionics technicians and more. 


At the 2020 Benefit Auction the foundation awarded four, $2000 dollar scholarships.   In 2021 the plan is to award three, $2,000 scholarships.

Plans are to NOT have the auction in 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions

Contact Dave Lucke for an application:     Dave@BSCENGR.COM

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Left to right: Joshua True, Pierce Hubbard, Curtis Jones, Roger Bertsch (WPA-Spokane President), and Asil Kim.

Photo by Blake McKinley, Jr.  March 18, 2019

On Saturday evening March 16th the WPA-Spokane Chapter hosted their annual Dinner and Benefit Auction to honor this year’s scholarship recipients and also raise funds for next year’s recipients. The dinner and auction was held at the Hangar Event Center located on Felts Field and catered by Darcy’s Restaurant. We had a guest speaker who is a local NASA liaison. The event was well attended.

For those who donated financially and those who donated items, Thank You! If you didn’t have a chance to donate to the Scholarship Fund, your contributions would be welcomed. Below are brief bios for each of this year’s scholarship recipients.

Joshua True

Early in Joshua’s childhood his family lived on a grass airstrip just south of Dallas, TX. His parents were both private pilots and owned a Luscombe 8. Flying was a regular activity. This planted the desire to learn to fly, even after his father and family were relocated for work.

As he approached the end of high school, he decided that he wanted to utilize his aviation interest toward humanitarian efforts. This interest led him to attend Moody Aviation with the goal of serving overseas as a Missionary Pilot. His major at Moody is Missionary Technology with a Flight emphasis. Joshua is currently a third year student and is in the process of completing the Airframe and Powerplant portion of his education, flight training for him will begin July 2019.

The transition to flight training also means Joshua’s educational costs will also increase. The tuition for the 2019-2020 school year will be $50,000.00. Due to the intensity of the next couple of years, students are advised not to work while in school. His goal is to graduate with as little debt as possible so that his transition into Missionary Aviation is not impeded financially. Joshua is scheduled to graduate the spring of 2021 and really appreciates the benefit of being awarded the WPA-Spokane Chapter scholarship.

Asil Kim

Asil is currently attending Moody Bible Institute as a student of Missionary Aviation. She is a third year student in a five year program. Her goal is to graduate with an Airframe and Powerplant certificate along with a Private Pilot Certificate. Her primary interest is to become a maintenance specialist and work toward obtaining her Inspectors Authorization.

After completing her training at Moody, Asil’s goal is to work in the mission field in a maintenance department in addition she will serve as a missionary to spread the Bible and the Good News to unreached areas of the world.

Asil comes from a family of mechanics, she will be a fourth generation mechanic, but the first female in her family to do so. She has always been fascinated with the operation of machinery and has never been afraid to get her hands dirty. Her parents have been missionaries which has heavily influenced her with the importance of sharing the Gospel. She first learned about Moody Aviation when she was twelve years old. At that young age she was impressed with the legacy of training individuals who want to be involved in aviation as well as missionary work. Consequently, has felt for a long time that Moody would be a perfect fit for her and her future ambitions.

As an international student, she is Korean but from Saudi Arabia, Asil is unable to work off-campus. Those on-campus job opportunities are largely incompatible with her school schedule. Unfortunately family support is not possible and she has relied on financial donations from friends and churches. Consequently, the WPA-Spokane Chapter Scholarship is definitely appreciated!

Pierce Hubbard

Pierce’s grandfather was an Air Force pilot as well as a GA pilot. Seeing pictures of his grandfather flying his dad and family in their airplane solidified his desire to fly from a very early age. His current flight training activities have solidified his desire to fly.

A trip to the 2017 Oshkosh Airventure with Norris Brown in his RV-14 was a pivotal point in deciding to pursue a career as a pilot. At Airventure he was exposed to opportunities for pilots, schools, and generally some cool things! Norris Brown has been influential and a significant supporter during his training.

Pierce earned his Private Pilot Certificate at Northwest Flight School here at Felts Field. Currently he is attending the Central Washington University aviation program and is working on his instrument rating. He plans on earning his Flight Instructor’s credentials and building his hours through flight instruction at a local flight school or CWU.

Early leadership experiences have shaped his interest in developing his skills as a leader. While at Central Washington University he plans on earning a second degree in Aviation Management. This second degree will give him many complimentary options to his flying aspirations.

After acquiring the necessary hours, Pierce would ideally like to fly for Horizon Airlines and ultimately transitioning to Alaska Airlines. He is from Veradale and hopes to stay in the northwest.

His grandmother wanted to honor her husband by offering to pay for any of her grandchildren to earn their Private Pilot Certificate. However, unforeseen medical issues for his grandmother forced his Dad to sell his business early in 2017 so that he could take care of Pierce’s grandmother until she could move into an assisted living facility. As a result all expenses now fall squarely on Pierce’s shoulders, so receiving the WPA-Spokane scholarship is a big help.

Curtis Jones

Curtis’ father was an Air Force pilot. He has been around aviation for as long as he can remember. Curtis loves aviation and knew that one day he would become a pilot. In 2014 he made the decision to pursue a career as a professional pilot and started on the journey. Ultimately he aspires to fly for a major air carrier.

Curtis Currently holds a Private Pilot Certificate with an Instrument Rating and is currently working on his commercial single-engine certificate. He then plans to become a flight instructor and use that credential as an avenue to build the necessary hours. Over the past four years he has worked two jobs, 50 hours a week to pay for his flight training along with personal loans and scholarships. Curtis plans on using the $2,000.00 scholarship award to complete his commercial pilot certificate and start his instructor training.

As you can tell from each bio, these are quality awardees and your donations are truly appreciated!

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